Colour Make contact with Lenses – Modify Your Eye Colour in the Blink of an Eye

Did you ever want that you had a different eye colour? Or perhaps you just want to do some thing a bit mad and have different shade eyes for every single get together? Colour contacts can do miracles for your appearance, but only if you select the appropriate kind and colour. Discover how to get the very best out of your coloration lenses, what your options are and what to consider when selecting coloration contacts.
Do colour lenses genuinely alter your eye shade and appear all-natural?
This is a concern that problems most people who want to consider color contacts for the first time. Following all, you want individuals to feel “what beautiful eyes she has” not “what great speak to lenses she wears”.
Colour lens manufacturers are aware of the concern and try to make colour contacts search vivid, however all-natural. There is a great deal of refined technologies concerned in the manufacturer title shade contacts like Acuvue two Colours or Freshlook. The lens just isn’t just strong coloration, it has a sample comparable to the pattern of a human eye. Also the color just isn’t consistent during the lens, just like in most folks eyes. See shade speak to lens comparison
Coloration lens choices for mild eyes
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Based on the influence you want to generate, individuals with light eyes can wear improvement or opaque color contacts.
If you just want to improve your all-natural colour, half clear, improvement lenses would be great for you. The greatest selections are:
Acuvue two Colours Enhancers – to brighten your eyes.
Freshlook Radiance – lenses with an illuminating impact that improves your colour and makes your eyes appear sparkly.
Freshlook Proportions – unique lens style makes your eyes seem not only brighter but also results in the effect of depth and dimension.
If you really feel adventurous and want a remarkable change, go for opaque lenses:
Acuvue two Hues opaques
Freshlook Colorblends
If it is your very first time with coloration make contact with lenses and you are not positive what effect you want, commence with enhancement lenses. This way your buddies will discover that you search a lot more interesting, but they probably won’t notice what it is about you that appeals to their attention.
Shade make contact with lenses for dim eyes
If you have really dark eyes and experimented with color make contact with lenses a couple of years ago, you possibly have been not very impressed with the impact. Contacts of the previous generation did not appear really correct. Nevertheless, recently produced colour lenses like Freshlook Colorblends can do miracles for darkish eyes.
A single issue to remember, nevertheless, is that enhancers do not function on brown eyes, so your only selection is opaque contact lenses. Acuvue two Colours opaques and Freshlook Colorblends function ideal for dark eyes.
Also you ought to be cautious, when picking the colour. It should be a colour that would seem right with your skin and hair. See coloration make contact with lens chart with tips and pictures.
If you just want to make your eyes seem to be brighter and more vivid, with out modifying their shade, go for brown or hazel color lenses. This way your eyes will not likely look a different colour, but folks will recognize that they are bright and lively.
Opaque coloration contacts function very well. The only factor they are unable to do for you is to make your eyes light. Blue, green and aqua opaque contacts develop a deep, vivid shade, which satisfies people who have in a natural way brown eyes.
Do colour contacts appear with corrective powers?
Acuvue 2 Shades and all Freshlook collections come with visible correction powers as effectively as in plano (no correction). In addition, Freshlook Colorblends is the only coloration lens that will come in toric, so it is suited for men and women with astigmatism.
So which is better: Acuvue two Colours or Freshlook?
There is no solitary solution to this question. Each makes of lens are very relaxed to use and generate a excellent search. The only variation is in the hues. On the identical individual, blue from Acuvue would appear quite diverse from Freshlook blue. It genuinely depends on your eyes and confront, and it truly is nearly not possible to predict the outcome until finally you wear your colour contacts.
Will not pay to significantly attention to how the lens appears in the photo, because on you it will probably seem different. This transpires largely with enhancer lenses – blue enhancers over blue eyes search quite diverse from enhancers over gray eyes. Opaque shade contact lenses also can search really various on various people this is not due to your all-natural eye coloration, but due to the fact of eye shape, skin and hair types.
When you slim your decision to a single colour, I would advise inquiring your medical doctor for two prescriptions: one particular for Acuvue two Colors and one more for Freshlook. Then purchase both. They price rather significantly the very same, so you would spend no a lot more than if you had been to get two packing containers of every single.
Then, following sporting your new shade contacts for a although, you can decide for your self, which seems better.
Also, physicians generally give you totally free demo coloration contacts. You can not actually dress in them in community since demo lenses have the term “test” imprinted on them, but it offers you a fair notion about the shade. Question for two totally free pairs, a single from Freshlook and 1 from Acuvue, and see which seems to be greatest.
As significantly as the value is concerned, Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colours cost about the same for a 6-lens box. Nevertheless, all Freshlook lenses are regular monthly disposable, whilst Acuvue two Colors is a two-7 days disposable contacts lens. So it turns out that Freshlook is twice cheaper.
If you have been contemplating of providing by yourself a minor treat, acquiring shade contacts would not disappoint you. And now when you know what would work very best for you, you can make your choice with self-confidence.

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